Walking down Main St in downtown Napa, you have a row of restaurants across the street from the Napa River. Three of those restaurants are inspired by Spanish food. They are La Taberna, Zuzu’s and the new Henry's Hideaway. The menu consists of what you would have while in Spain. While ordering food as you would at a Spanish tapas bar, go through the wine list and you’ll find a white wine made from albariño grapes.

Having Albariño as our first white wine, I get asked often about it. What is it? Albariño is a white grape found primarily in the Rias Baixas region, located in the northwestern part of Spain. The area runs along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Generally, albariño has a crisp, refreshing character and that coastal salinity and acidity.  

Back at the table, the order of boquerones a  charcuterie board of Jamon Ibérico, ceviche come out to the table and you have that first sip of albariño. That crispness and acidity pair so well with the food. Of course as in many cultures, wine and food are the centerpiece of communication. As we celebrate today (August 1), National Albariño Day, be sure to enjoy the wines with good friend. family and of course over some great tapas.