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Born in Queens, New York, Steve's upbringing is rich in cultural diversity. Sign language is his first language, and he has a deep appreciation for wine, perhaps influenced by his Italian heritage. He pursued a master's degree in Education, and during this time, a friend introduced him to the vibrant world of food and wine. 


After teaching at The American Sign Language and English Secondary School, Steve took a significant step by working at Italian Wine Merchants in New York City.  While he initially planned to open a wine bar there, a brief four-day vacation to Napa Valley in 2007 changed everything. Enchanted by the wines and the region, he made the bold decision to move to Napa full-time. 


Here, he realized his dream of opening a wine bar in downtown Napa before putting his heart into ARNYCA. Steve's love of travel, hospitality, and culinary delights finds him embarking on adventures to enrich his palate and stoke his passion for creating sublime wine experiences.



Steve Distler holding Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottle



Luis Pettinato pouring wine into a glass

Luis hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started on a culinary journey long before venturing into wine. He honed his skills at Le Cordon Bleu, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors.


With 16 years of rich experience, including stints at Meadowood Resort and various wineries, he excelled in kitchen management roles at esteemed restaurants in both Los Angeles and Napa Valley. His practical know-how brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to ARNYCA Cellars. When not in the kitchen or the vineyards, Luis can be found indulging in his love for motorcycles or sharing his light-hearted humor with a charming accent.



Mark Davis holding wine glass and bottle

Mark's winemaking odyssey began in Maryland, near Washington, D.C. Armed with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland, his love of fermentation brought him to California, where he would be captivated by the art of winemaking on a larger scale. Mark immersed himself in every aspect, from ripe grape tastings to hands-on tasks like pumping over tanks and shoveling grape skins.


After his first vintage, Mark was accepted into the world-renowned UC Davis Viticulture & Enology program and dedicated two years to mastering the art of grape cultivation and winemaking. His passionate commitment earned him high honors upon his 2010 graduation, along with an honorary department citation for his exceptional achievements. With a global winemaking education spanning Australia and South Africa, he opened his winemaking venture, Cobden Wini Wines, in 2012–a testament to his ongoing pursuit of vinicultural excellence.



Scott Lyon

Scott possesses extensive experience in the medical technology and aesthetics sectors, spanning a career of more than two decades. During this time, he has successfully cultivated multiple sales teams and contributed significantly to the successful initial public offerings (IPOs) of two companies. A few years ago, Scott made a deliberate decision to move into an entrepreneurial journey, leveraging his expertise as an independent consultant to represent diverse product lines across various industries.


Recently, Scott made a resolute choice to channel his passion and enthusiasm for wine and food by immersing himself in the wine industry. This pursuit aligns perfectly with his passion for all things related to wine and food, providing him with an opportunity to explore his entrepreneurial spirit within this captivating domain.

2021 Cabernet Sauvignon sitting in cut up vines


The name ARNYCA represents our roots—Argentina (AR), New York (NY), and California (CA)—infused into every bottle.

The sign language on our labels is a tribute to Steve's deaf parents, celebrating their culture.

ARNYCA Cellars was born from the friendship between Steve Distler, who hails from New York City, and Luis Pettinato, who was born in Buenos Aires and nurtured in the heart of Napa Valley. Their story is one where destiny intertwines with the wine industry's random connections. 


Map of California pointing out four AVAs

Located in the Oakville AVA in the heart of Napa Valley, our Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc vineyards are nestled between the Mayacamas Mountain Range to the west and north and the Vaca Mountains to the east.  Microclimates vary from the valley floor to its benchlands and from the north to the south.  Rain is more common along the Mayacamas, where the eastern side is more arid with gravelly soil.  In the valley, the south tends to be cooler than the north, providing an ideal climate producing prime vintages year after year.


Located in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California, we source our Albariño and Rosé of Grenache from Alloria Vineyards.  The Mediterranean climate with rolling hills surrounded by a large body of water, allows these varietals traditionally grown in Spain and France to flourish.  Here, we find the most flavorful fruit, full of warm summer breezes and cool nights off of New Melones Reservoir, and deep roots into our rolling shale (schist) hills at 2200 ft. These vineyards are truly magical.


A portion of our sales supports the National Association for the Deaf, established in 1880 by deaf leaders advocating for sign language rights. So when you savor our wine,  you also become part of our purpose. Let’s raise a glass to make a positive impact!

Nica Angels serves communities in and around the village of El Transito, Nicaragua. They aim to empower residents to overcome their circumstances by focusing their efforts on projects that improve the quality of life for the locals and their community, including clean water projects, education and school development and economic development.




Carole Lyon

A northern California native, Carole grew up in the zinfandel country of Lodi. She fell in love with wines in her 20s and has witnessed all the development and changes to the Napa/Sonoma wine regions, longing for the intimate experiences vs the large industry vibe. She's a family girl at heart who values friendships and her chosen family as much as her own.


For 20-plus years, Carole held successful sales positions in the medical industry and was a part of the launch of CBD in the Midwest 4 years ago. Relationships are her jam, and she loves people's stories. Carole's vision is to continue to create a culture and community that feels like family and shared moments enhanced with ARNYCA wines, experiences, and offerings.

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